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Breast Reduction Surgery: Can It Help Improve the Quality of Life?

The procedure, commonly referred to as reduction mammoplasty is a surgical procedure that reduces breast size and alter the shape of breasts. It is among the most popular procedures plastic surgeons carry out today and more than 430,000 procedures completed in 2015 alone.

Important takeaways

  • The reduction of breasts can be done to improve the appearance of your breasts or alleviate physical pain or discomfort.
  • The procedure has progressed to the point where it can be performed without harming the breast’s function.
  • Breast reduction is thought to be as safe and efficient and is associated with very high levels of satisfaction from patients.

What are the advantages of breasts that are smaller?

There are a variety of reasons to think about the possibility of breast reduction surgery. One of the reasons is the belief that they’ll appear better when they have slimmer chests. This set of patients comprises men with large breasts. However, those with larger breasts also have a higher risk of developing shoulder and lower back pain as well in neck strain, headaches and skin infections beneath the breasts. A lot of them seek the reduction of their breasts to ease discomfort or pain.

Women who have large breasts experience not just physical pain however, they often also experience emotional pain that comes with the stigma of harassment and a poor self-image. The psychological effects of having oversized breasts are particularly prevalent among younger girls, with breasts that grow out of proportion to others on their body as they enter puberty. This is why breast reduction surgeries are carried out by women of all age spectrum.

Cosmetic and functional results:

Breast reduction procedures eliminate not just the breast fat, but also the skin and glandular tissue to allow for the new position and form that the breasts take. Repositioning of the nipple complex can also be done during these procedures.

The latest techniques have been created to fix the flaws in previous reduction of breasts that were correlated with the necessity of re-operations or poor results like losing sensitivity to nipples or lactation capability.

Since women of all ages experience reductions in breasts, maintaining breastfeeding capacity is a top priority. Modern surgical techniques allow for lactation and a successful breastfeeding experience for women of childbearing age. Women who have passed the age of childbearing and who aren’t interested in lactation might be able get a successful reduction of breasts through liposuction on its own.

Do smaller breasts enhance the living quality?

Breast reduction has proven to be extremely effective in relieving the pain that comes with having a breast that is too big. Other symptoms that have been found to be effectively treated with reduction in breasts are posture issues or breathing issues, as well as intertrigo, an inflammation of the skin that could result from friction beneath the breasts.

Patients have also reported improvement in their overall quality of life and psychosocial well-being after breast reduction surgery. This improvement, along together with the fact women feel relief from symptomatic discomfort 15 years after the procedure, contributes to the high levels of satisfaction seen with this procedure.

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The complications after breast reduction surgery

The majority of issues that result from reduction in breasts are aesthetic and may result from an unnatural form, symmetry and permanent marks. Other complications, like hematomas, infections, and so on may also happen. In rare instances the nipple areola can develop, which can lead to the death of the tissue in the nipple. The risk of suffering from this problem is higher for smokers. With the rise in obesity levels the risk of complications is predicted to increase and there is a lot of research being conducted to improve the safety of potentially vulnerable patients.

Breast reduction is a frequently done surgical procedure that is reliable, fairly secure, and has significant levels of satisfaction. If the procedure is successful, it can reduce pain, attain desired results for cosmetics and ensure breast health.




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